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Such a beautiful tune, I thought I’d record it again today. I think the birds at the end liked it as well! Was that applause? Or were they telling me to hush it? LOL! Thanks for stopping by! - Gary Sizemore

PS Just for discussions sake, I played this with a Coda Prodigy bow re-haired with Zarelon. It’s a virtually unbreakable horsehair substitute. Kind of like the stuff on an Incredibow. It’s about 4 bucks per hank, and then you have to pay someone to re-hair it for you. I had a couple of bows re-haired with the stuff, and I haven’t lost a hair yet. I was spending so much money re-hairing my bows playing my country shows, I thought I’d find an alternative. I bought an Incredibow, but I didn’t care for the actual bow itself. I wasn’t sure if their hank would be alright in a regular bow, and their hanks were 25.00. Now let me just finish with my opinion. I love the Zarelon on my bows. I’m sold on it. It does use rosin, but takes it way better than horsehair. I bought the light soloists grade, and have been nothing but super happy with it.You can buy different bow hair gripping strengths from them. It may not be for everyone, but it is definitely for me. 

Zarelon Acoustic Bow Hair

Top: Horsehair
Bottom: Zarelon

Top: Horsehair

Bottom: Zarelon

Our Service:

We will rehair any bow with Zarelon™ or traditional horsehair for $50 +S&H. When your bow is received  it will be re-haired and mailed back within a week for USA customers; longer time is required for International based clients. Our trained professionals ensure the highest quality rehair and repairs. We also have inventory of high end bows with your choice of bow hair. View our selection of fine bows here:

Other services, available with the purchase of a rehair:

  • Repair bow tip with artificial ivory +$10
  • Repair bow tip with high grade bone +$120
  • Repair nickle silver wrap +$40
  • Repair silver wire wrap +$65
  • Repair Leather finger rest +$25
  • Repair mother of pearl bow slide +$40
  • Polish Ferrule (this will remove the patina and is a free service just ask for it).
Need a bow now? We also stock refurbished bows with Zarelon™ acoustic hair at an affordable price. Both wood or fiber glass options are available. 
  • Zarelon refurbished violin bow |- $50 +S&H -|
  • Zarelon™ refurbished viola bow |- $54 +S&H-|
  • Zarelon™ refurbished cello bow |- $60 +S&H-|
  • Zarelon™ refurbished bass bow |- $70 +S&H-|

*NEW* High quality carbon fiber bows with Zarelon acoustic hair are also available. Comes with free shipping.

  • Zarelon CF™ NEW violin bow |- $120 -|
  • Zarelon CF™ NEW viola bow |- $150 -|
  • Zarelon CF™ NEW cello bow |- $180 -|
Special! Trade in your old bow and receive $5 off your order. We will accept any bow as long as the stick is not cracked or broken.     
Benefits of Zarelon™
  • Better Grip for a Bigger and Better Sound

  • No Stretching or Breaking

  • Unaffected by moisture, humidity, and temperature

  • Easier Playing

  • Does not Oxidize or Attract Finger Oil

  • Better Consistency

  • Any Bow can use Zarelon

  • 5 Year Warranty

  • Rehairs the same as horsehair, no problem with heating

  • Won’t expand in the summer or contract in the winter. Balance point stays the same all year round.

  • Takes rosin easier then horsehair.


To order, please contact us by phone or email:

*for tracking purposes please let us know that you found us through*

1-888-VIOLIN2 (846-5462)
Fax: 440-461-1855

5767 Mayfield Road,
Cleveland, OH 44124

Are you a bow rehair technician? For information on wholesale and distribution of Zarelon™, visit: